Authors et al.

Authors, illustrators and other co-workers,


So far, all literature that Wonderfroggy publishes is written by Emma C Elliott, who is also manager and owner of the company.


In the future, Wonderfroggy plans on publishing books by other authors and illustrators.



Emma C Elliott: I have written stories since I was a child, especially exciting whodunnits and mysteries. I love writing mysteries and thrillers, but have a special passion for childish stories, for examples fairy-tales. To create the images in my books, I use all kinds of materials, from pens to brushes, needle and thread to camera. My texts and images can together create an enchanting world to get lost in for a moment!


I have been published before Wonderfroggy, for example poetry and Christmas short-stories that have been features in the Christmas magazine

"Jul i Jämtland".