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Skogsarbete och flottning längs Ströms Vattudal

In Swedish.

Kurt Nerpin looks out across bay Linjeviken near Hillsand. Here, he worked with forestry and logging in the 50s and 60s.

Linjeviken bay is part of the lake system of Ströms Vattudal in northern Jämtland in Sweden. Thousands of logs were taken from this area and logged on the lake system to reach the sawmill.

Here, we get to follow Kurt's exciting stories from his time in the forest and on the lake. It was a cumbersome era offering both joy and drama.


ISBN 978-91-979340-1-5


Price: 159 SEK

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Fyra stycken jämtländsk kvinnohistoria - Kvinnor som har format mig

In Swedish.

What was is like being a woman in Jämtland, Sweden during the last 200 years? By looking at four examples, we get a feeling for what life was like for women in Jämtland throughout history. The four women in this book are related to each other. Starting in 1860 we get to follow their wanderings on the road of life up until modern times.


ISBN 978-91-979340-4-6


Price: 200 SEK

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Djävulens år (2010)

In Swedish.

He moved out to the country-side to get away from evil. Now it has found him again.


A horrible discovery in a barn. A peaceful village that loses its innosence. The Jamtlandic country-side will never again be the same since evil came to the village.


But there is a man who refuses to give up his village to evil withouth a fight. And he has a good chance at succeeding - for he has God Himself on his side. His name i Anton Abelsson and is the village vicar.



ISBN 978-91-979340-0-8


Price: 55 SEK

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Änglarna i Wattholma (2015)

In Swedish.

Who could have guesses that the ironworks kept so many angelich secrets?


A story set in the old ironworks village of Vattholma in Uppland, offering excitement and drama.


ISBN 978-91-979340-2-2


Price: 85 SEK

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Ett tidlöst mysterium (2016)

In Swedish.

Mimmi is the archivist that has taken a year off to write the Novel. But things don't exactly go according to plan.

Elvira is the housemaid who is more than just that. An enigma in herself, she steps right into a mystery that she gets help to solve from an unexpected person.

The lives of the two women are interwoven during incredible circumstances. The common denominator is the location, an old inn in the village of Laxsjö in Jämtland, Sweden.



ISBN 978-91-979340-3-9


Price: 55 SEK

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