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What has it been like being a woman in Jämtland the last 200 years?


By looking at four examples we can get a feeling for what life was like for women in Jämtland during two centuries.


The four women in this book are related to each other.


Starting in 1860 we get to follow their wanderings on the road of life up until present days.







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Fyra stycken jämtländsk kvinnohistoria - Kvinnor som har format mig is Wonderfroggy's latest publication, a factual book about what it has been like, historically speaking, to be a woman in Jämtland in general, and especially for four distinct women. The book is based on genealogy and is written in Swedish. Read more here!


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In the beginning of 2018 there will be some new stuff coming from Wonderfroggy:


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